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beautiful canadian stucco home

Do you need to match your new garage to your existing home?  Do you want your addition to not look like an addition but an original part of your home ?  Call us for a free, friendly consulation and we can show you the amazing results we can achieve. 


Whether you want to match an existing stucco texture and colour, or compliment or contrast the original part of your home, Sunset Stucco can do the job for you. We have over 20 years of experience stuccoing homes from Sooke to Victoria to Sidney, and our friendly staff can lead you through the options of material, colour, and finishes during a free, no-obligation consultation.

Acrylic Stucco Or Commercial Cement Plaster

This new type of stucco material combines traditional stucco with modern polymer technology that helps prevent cracking. Like traditional stucco, acrylic stucco and commercial plaster offer a large range of finishes and colours.


Traditional Stucco

While acrylic stucco is often chosen by homeowners and contractors, traditional stucco is still the OG, the original finish that has been used in homes and other buildings since Ancient Rome. Traditional stucco is durable and resistant to the elements. It is versatile, and its application allows for personalized textures and colours.



Finish & Color

Once you have decided on which type of stucco material to use, our consultant will lead you through the process of choosing the finish and colour for your new stucco! They will provide you with a colour chart and show you samples of finish textures. A pre-construction sample panel can also be prepared if requested.


Colours range from whites, creams, and beiges to earth tones of moss and meadows, sandstone, and sunset. You can choose pink, red, orange, brown, blue, or grey. There are 80 choices for you to pick from -- be as bold or as subtle as you wish.


While your choice of stucco material will determine some of your texture options, both commercial cement plaster and traditional stucco create beautiful finishes. Some, like Californian and Float, are almost smooth. While others, like English, offer peaks and swirls. Catface mixes smooth and rough finishes together. It will be our pleasure to discuss all these options and more with you.   

Mike has completed several stucco repairs for me, they are seamless and invisible.

Charles R. (2022)

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